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Egypt: the false “Regeni case” and Italian political blackmails

Analysis by Paolo G. Parovel

We have already analyzed the pretentious “Regeni case”, made up by the current, illegitimate and umpresentable Government of Italy, on the edge of economic failure, against Egypt (LINK), in an attempt to blackmail its Euroatlantic partners. That analysis is now confirmed by the development of the facts.

The incapability of the Renzi Government, lead by former Communists who now belong to the PD, worsened the Italian crisis making it dangerous for Euro-Atlantic stability, which is also threatened by the conflicts in the Middle East and in Northern Africa, where Egypt plays an essential strategic role.

This is why, in order to save itself, the Renzi Government decided to trigger a pretentious external political crisis with Egypt to divert the attention of Italian public opinion and to blackmail the other Member States of NATO: the Italian Government ends this operation only in exchange of political and financial support.

In short, last February an Italian student was killed in Cairo by unknown people and for reasons yet to be discovered, and the Italian Government took advantage of that to accuse immediately the Egyptian regime of murdering the young man and to be hiding the truth on his death.

The accusation is false, but the Renzi Government makes all believe that it is true with a hammering political-mediatic campaign, reinforced in June with absurd “military sanctions”: the suspension of some supplies for F-16 fighter planes.

Italy has a political class that is among the most corrupted in Europe, a Parliament elected with an electoral law that was declared unconstitutional, made worse by a premier who was not elected, Renzi, and who is seeking to commit a “white coup d’état” changing the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

This is why it is not surprising that this kind of Italian politicians have no shame in exploiting the death of a poor boy to harm and attempt blackmailing the Atlantic Alliance during the most serious strategic crisis since the Cold War.

But the procedure needed to interrupt the blackmailing is to put the blackmailers out of action.

© 1 Luglio 2016

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