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Why does corrupted Italy attempt to weaken Egypt?


Analysis by Paolo G. Parovel

Ever since a disastrous series of Western intervention has turned the Middle East in a center of international terrorism with nuclear risks, the possibilities of conflict containment in the region depend on the political-military stability of the regimes of four Countries in the area: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

To the West, as well as to the United Nations, the strategic value of the stability of these four Countries does therefore prevail on the aspects of their different political regimes, as well as on secondary incidents.

The strategic roles of Egypt

In particular, the political stability of Egypt prevents that the war of the IS extends to a single front from Iraq to Libya, it balances the Israeli- Palestinian crisis area, and it maintains open the Suez Canal.

Such essential strategic roles of Egypt are granted by its current emergency military regime, which has doubled the Suez Canal (LINK), is returning legislative powers to the Parliament, and so far it has committed less violations of human rights than those its destabilisation would cause.

Propaganda war

Since February 2016, Italy unleashed an international campaign of political-diplomatic delegitimation against the provisional military regime of Egypt that becomes more violent as time goes, using as an excuse a murder committed by unknown persons in Cairo. At the same time, Italy demands to send its troops in Libya.

The analysis of the Italian campaign of delegitimation against Egypt make it clear that it is built up and carried out with the techniques of propaganda war by an Italian network of military and civil intelligence, in cooperation with certain sectors of Egyptian dissidence.

The Italian accuses to the Egyptian regime, in facts, were unleashed and built-up immediately after the body of a young Italian was found, with no evidences, and without leaving time for the investigations, by making up a chain of communication made of “indiscretions” and false news to involve politicians as well as public opinion.

Italian operational network

The operational network that Italy has now activated against Egypt does partially mirror that used by Rome during the crisis of Yugoslavia to delegitimize the sovereignty of Slovenia and of Croatia over former Italian territories, and to plan military interventions against them, which were stopped by the USA.

This Italian network is the same involved in the operations of international coordination between the far-right Italian, German and East European revanchist organizations that extend from the Baltic to the Black Sea – the same network that has already destabilized Ukraine, even involving the USA – and it does also have traditional historical ties with pseudo-Islamic sects.

And right now Italy interferes all in the game of action-reaction with which certain pseudo-Islamic sects of the Middle East and European far-right movements help each other to seize control of the respective territories by attacking democracy and the strategic vigilance of the USA.

Reckless international adventures

This policy made of autonomous Italian international adventures that goes against Euro-Atlantic interests, in particular against the USA, is the expression of an across-the-board union of economic interests and revanchist nationalism against the territories and colonies lost with the 1947 Treaty of Peace that ended World War II, from Trieste to the Balkans and to Libya.

Therefore, post-war Italy remains an unreliable ally, especially after 1989. So far, its most dangerous betrayals were stopped in time, from the 1985 crisis of Sigonella to the 1990-96 plans against former Yugoslavia.

However, Italy has become an increasing strategic risk also due to its levels of corruption, which make it even more urgent ending Italian threatens to the stability of Egypt.

© 27 Aprile 2016

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