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Trieste: photo exhibit about the soldiers from Bosnia and Herzegovina 1908 – 1918

Photo exhibit


the soldiers from Bosnia and Herzegovina

in Trieste and on the Southern Front

1917: Emperor Karl I decorates Bosnian soldiers

In 1903, Austria-Hungary established four Infantry Regiments from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the soldiers were of all faiths: Muslims (the majority), Jews, Catholics, and Orthodox Serbs. Starting in 1908, three battalions of the 4th Regiment, from Mostar, served as garrison in the city of Trieste together with the famous 97th Triestine Regiment.

They were stationed together in the Caserma Grande, and not far from it a Mosque for the Muslim soldiers was built, while the Jewish and Christian Bosnians and Herzegovinians were going to the synagogues and churches of the city.

During World War I, the soldiers from Bosnia and Herzegovina fought with extraordinary valor, courage, and sacrifices to defend Trieste and the southern front, which run from river Timavo to the Alps.

The purpose of this exhibit, organised by the Movimento Civiltà Mitteleuropea, is to renew the memory of their presence and defense of Trieste in peace as in war, and also their precious historical tradition of religious and cultural pluralism, which is shared by Trieste and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This is why the photographs chosen for the exhibit do not picture military actions, rather, the human and spiritual dimension of our soldiers.

The exhibit, hosted at the Club of the Free Trieste Movement in piazza della Borsa 7, 1st floor, is inaugurated on Thursday, November 8th, at 6PM. The opening hours, on Friday November 9th, Saturday November 10th, and on Monday November 12th, are: 10AM-12.30PM and 5PM to 7PM; on Sunday November 11th, the exhibit is open from 5PM to 7PM.

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