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The “American” tax revolution of the people of the Free Territory of Trieste

Analysis by Paolo G. Parovel

On the last 4th of July we analyzed the more than two-Centuries-long relations between the United States of America and the present-day Free Territory of Trieste, underlining that the Italian provisional administration of the Free Territory subjects it to political and fiscal vexations identical to those denounced by the Thirteen American Colonies with their Declaration of Independence of 1776, also, it does not answer to the thousand of petitions with which the citizens demand no taxation without representation.

After two days, on the 6th of July, the Commissar of the Italian Government who does temporarily administer the Free Territory with a role that corresponds to that of Governor, acted like the Royal Governors of the Thirteen Colonies issuing a short political communication with which she declares that the Free Territory of Trieste does not exist, confirms that she won’t answer to the petitions of the citizens, and announces that their protests are going to be punished with fees, forced executions, and criminal convictions (LINK – translated HERE).

The Free Trieste Movement, which organizes and presents the petitions and protests of the citizens, did immediately denounce (7th of July) the Commissar of the provisional Italian Government and its officers for the alleged crimes of falsehood in a public act, threatens, abuse of office, refusal to perform Official Functions (LINK), delegating international defences to the I.P.R. F.T.T. – International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste, established in September 2015 (LINK).

As soon as the news of the complaint was broadcast, on the same 6th of July, the Italian Government sided to support its Commissar with declaration of the Deputy Finance Minister Enrico Zanetti, who in order to scare the citizens, threatens them with stronger economic sanctions and criminal prosecution. Free Trieste did immediately denounce the Deputy Minister as well.

The reason why the Italian Government is trying to force the situation is that the dispute on the Free Territory of Trieste has an enormous strategic value for the economic development and political stabilisation of South-Eastern Europe.

The timing depends on the fact that on the 19th of July the Italian government must face the legal opposition of the representatives of the Free Territory to the fraud, worth billions of Euro, with which the Italian former Communists of the partito democratico(PD – Italian Democratic Party) want to paralyse the international Free Port of Trieste (LINK).

The legal situation

The political declaration of the Commissar of the provisional Italian Government, supported by the Deputy Minister, is not “only” anti-democratic and absurd in legal terms because it consists in the denial of her own powers. It is, above all, illegal, because it violates the multilateral international legal instruments in force which, since 1947, establish and regulate the Free Territory of Trieste as a sovereign State under the direct protection of the United Nations Security Council and ruled with the instruments of the provisional regime of Government, but it does also violate the Italian laws, in force, that recognize those international instruments.

It is the same international instruments that entrust the military and civil provisional regime of Government of the present-day Free Territory of Trieste to the Governments of the United States and of the United Kingdom, both holding the primary mandate, which since 1954 they have sub-entrusted, with respect to the civil administration, to the responsibility of the Italian Government. Not to the State of Italy, which remains a third, bordering Country.

As for military defense, the United States and the United Kingdom have placed the Free Territory under the protection of the NATO, which includes the presence, with this title, of Italian military forces, also, they maintained in Trieste the role of subsidiary operational base of the US Navy. Both delegations – civil sub-administration and military defence – were approved by the United Nations, therefore, none of them violates the sovereignty and integrity of the Free Territory, or its condition of neutral and demilitarises State.

A immense economic and strategic value

The small present-day Free Territory of Trieste(212 kmq; 240,000 inhabitants), already the main port of Austria-Hungarian empire, today has an immense economic and strategic value because it has the status of international Free Port at the service of all States, and of port of registration of the commercial fleets of the hinterland (Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia), with aircraft registers and the rights of an international financial center: a Singapore in the Mediterranean centre of gravity of South-Eastern Europe.

This incredibly favorable position for trades and finance is increased also by the fact that the Free Territory of Trieste is not part of the European Union, which can extend its treaties only temporarily, by virtue of the special cause concerning the territories of which a Member State – Italy in this case – obtained the representation in foreign relations, but not sovereignty (chronologically: article 79 ECSC Treaty, article 198 Euratom Treaty article 229 TEC, article 227 paragraph 4 TEEC, article 355 paragraph 3 TFEU). The Free Territory can therefore negotiate in full autonomy the adhesions to international treaties on all matters including those of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP.

The colonial operation of the provisional Italian Governor

The problem is that the temporary civil administration of the small Free Territory and of its own port and financial rights and of those of all other States was not entrusted to the Government of Austria of to the Government of Switzerland, but to the Italian Government, which is also the permanent Government of the State of Italy, a Country with 60 million people, 38 big ports, an incurable, enormous economic deficit, and the most immoral and corrupted political class in Europe.

So, the provisional Italian Government took advantage of the tensions of the Cold War and then of the crisis of Yugoslavia to slowly suffocate in silence the free port and all other rights of the Free Territory Trieste, and the port rights of all other States, by simulating that the Free Territory had “returned” under the sovereignty of the State of Italy, which did actually last only from 1920 to 1947.

The Italian Government supported this simulation with a colonial policy, which did slowly force on the Free Territory of Trieste a bloodless but merciless regime of political repression, censorship and propaganda, entrusted to a local lobby of nationalists and neofascists, in order to isolate the dissidents and make the people forget about their rights to independence and economic development, getting them used to consider Trieste a weak, marginal province of the State of Italy.

But the decisive support to this nationalistic policy of the border areas controlled by right-wing circles did always come from the Communist left-wing and Italian former Communists, at service of anti-American and anti-Nato strategies.

During the Cold War, the Italian pro-Soviet Communist Party sabotaged the Free Territory of Trieste to prevent it from becoming a powerful strategic, financial, commercial and military base of the Euro-Atlantic bloc.

Now that the international situation allows to finally realize this goal, those who try to eliminate the Free Territory with illegal operations that unite nationalism, abuses of power, and the interests of the mafias (LINK) are the former Communists of the Italian Democratic Party (Partito democraticoPD), which, together with the Renzi Government, destabilise Southern Europe by causing the bankruptcy of Italy and cultivating ambiguous roles in the Balkans, in the Middle East and in Northern Africa, which did all that was possible to gain a seat in the UN Security Council for Italy in order to hide its conflict of interests in regard to the Free Territory of Trieste.

The rebellion against illegal taxes

Decades of political and psychological pressing, disinformation and represso conduced by the Italian Government created much confusion in the people of the Free Territory of Trieste, and also uncertainties and fear, at lest until 2011, when the Free Trieste Movement was established and quickly rose, to the point that in 2013 thousand of people took part to its demonstrations. The Italian Government reacted by threatening them with the suspension of pensions, with the removal from office of public officers, and also by with putting on file the citizens who present petitions, charging with false accusations some participants to peaceful demonstrations, and encouraging little dissident groups.

But it didn’t work, because the provisional Italian Government continues also to force, by illegal means, also the enormous taxes of the State of Italy on the citizens and enterprise sol the Free Territory, leading them to economic ruin. Which is why thousand of citizens started subscribing the fiscal petitions of Free Trieste, most of them payed Italian taxes reserving to file an official requests to get them back by legal means, and 229 courageous citizens protested by interrupting the payment of all taxes.

The provisional administering Italian Government knows that the citizens of Trieste are right, and it tries to scare them with new threatens and lies, which became a national and international case: the “American” tax revolution of the Free Territory of Trieste has begun. And the Charter of Rights of its citizens is already published (LINK) and thousands of citizens have signed it.

© 8 Luglio 2016

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