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Trieste as strategic limit of the Italian political corruptions

Analysis by Paolo G. Parovel

Private and institutional readers of La Voce di Trieste know that an Italian political-speculative consociation is attempting to eliminate by illegal means the Northern Free Port of the international Free Port of the Free Territory of Trieste to divert its traffics on Italian ports as well as to use the area for housing and building speculations worth EUR 1,5 billions, and they know also that this attempt has already been denounced to Italian magistracy since 2011, for serious, documented allegations of corruption and involvement with the Italian mafias.

Our readers do also know that those criminal allegations were strengthened by the fact that, despite our denounces being public and perfectly grounded on facts and law, Italian authority not only did not stop this massive international fraud, but they supported it instead, allowing its undisturbed continuation and supporting the attempts to isolate, punish and silence us, those who denounced it.

Due to this, there are no reasonable doubts that the operation is lead by the organized systems of corruption that devastate, on all levels, the political, administrative and judicial institutions of the Republic of Italy. This Italian corruption is the same that constitutes an increasing risk also for the political, economic and military balances of the Euro-Atlantic system.

In this case, the Italian systems of corruption are attempting to prevent that, after the Cold War and the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the present-day Free Territory of Trieste re-consolidates itself by peaceful means as a Free Port and financial centre at the service of the International Community and of the economic stabilisation of the former Yugoslav Countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia: see LINK).

The interests of the Italian mafia-like criminal organizations are clear, because the suffocation of the role of the Free Territory of Trieste and of its international Free Port would favour that political-economic weakness that allows illegal traffics in the Balkans, as well as making possible the permanent diversion of trades from Trieste as well as from Slovenia and Croatia to the Italian ports controlled by the same mafia-like criminal organizations.

The trades are those expected to increase quickly consequently to the doubling of the Suez Canal and of the development of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor (favoured also by the slow opening of the arctic route to the Americas and the Far East) and of the trans-siberian corridor to the Asian bank of the Pacific, both having their logistic hub in Vienna-Bratislava.

It is since long that the Italian Government, undisturbed, is preparing this strategic diversion, even influencing the European Union, with the abnormal support of certain Austrian circles, taking advantage of the inertia of the Governments of Slovenia and of Croatia, of the Euro-Atlantic undervaluation of the strategic relevance of this problem and of the inattention of the United Nations as for the protection of the Free Territory of Trieste.

The results of all those inattentions, undervaluations and inertias is that the strategic problem of the international Free Port of the Free Territory of Trieste worsened to the point its solution has become even more imperative,

The ultimate evidence of this urgency is provided by the warning and formal complaint that the Free Trieste Movement, first in line in the protection of the Free Territory of Trieste and of its international Free Port, notified on 19 January 2016 to the Italian authorities and to the International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste – I.P.R. F.T.T.

The text of the complaint (LINK) is clear: the Italian Government that exercises its temporary civil administration over the Free Territory of Trieste is attempting to speed up the international fraud by having one of its officials, who is retiring at the end of January, to sign certain illegal decrees to eliminate the Northern Free Port and assigning it to the consociation of Italian politicians and speculators who are conducing the fraud.

The urgency is increased also by the fact that leading those politicians there are important figures of centre-left party (PD) and of the current Government lead by controversial Italian premier Matteo Renzi: his powerful deputy party leader Debora Serracchiani, president of Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the leader of the party at the Italian Chamber of Deputies Ettore Rosato (already involved in criminal investigations for connections to the ‘ndragheta), and the Mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cosolini, former apparatchik of the Italian Communist Party.

If this official, who has the role of Commissar of the Italian Government in respect to the temporary civil administration of the Free Territory of Trieste, signs the illegal decrees, the international fraud will be even more clear and it must be treated with the procedures established by the specific international instrument, this being the Treaty of Peace with Italy, signed at Paris on 10 February 1947. The international dispute can be open at the initiative of the I.P.R. F.T.T. or any other UN Member State.

The destabilizing risk caused by the corruption, roughness, and stupidity of the Italian political system are since long notorious to the analysts and Governments of the other Countries of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance and of the International Community.

However, it is time to put a limit on those risk, at least for strategic reasons. And this strategic limit could and should be the immediate re-establishment of the correct administration and economic roles of the Free Territory of Trieste and of its international Free Port.

© 21 Gennaio 2016

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