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Italian premier Renzi and the fraud against the international Free Port of Trieste

Analysis by Paolo G. Parovel

On 24 May, the controversial Italian premier and secretary of the “partito democratico” (PD) Matteo Renzi announced that on the 29th he is visiting Trieste to support it party in the upcoming local elections by signing, as head of the Government, an agreement «for the restructuring of the old port» with Debora Serracchiani, national vice secretary of the PD, and Roberto Cosolini, outgoing mayor who runs for a reelection. However, the operation on the port is an international fraud (LINK).

For instance, the namely said “old port” is not old at all, and it does not belong to Italy either. It is the Northern Free Port, a 70 hectares equipped area of the international Free Port of the Free Territory of Trieste, a small European sovereign State entrusted, to the present day, to the Italian Government under a mandate of temporary civil administration on behalf of the United Nations.

The United Nations Security Council has just reconfirmed with its report S/2015/809 concerning international protection systems also this legal status of the Free Territory (LINK), and with it were confirmed the general and special rights of all States in the world over its international Free Port within areas bound to this use, like the Northern Free Port, which the provisional Italian Government has no power to change in any way.

What Renzi calls “restructuring” is actually the illegal attempt to eliminate the Northern Free Port to assign it to housing speculations worth billions of Euro and to divert the traffics of South-Eastern Europe from the Free Port of Trieste (and from the other ports of North-Eastern Adriatico: Koper and Rijeka) to five port of Southern Italy: Naples, Gioia Tauro, Taranto, Bari, Brindisi. The advantages for the business of the powerful Italian mafias are rather clear (LINK).

By this operation, Italy would breach with one move international law, the trusteeship mandate over the Free Territory of Trieste and the rights of all other States, as well as paralysing the strategic role of the Free Territory and of its Free Port as for the economic stabilisation of South-Eastern Europe, especially that of former Yugoslavia (LINK).

This illegal operation has started in the 90s at the same time as the Italian destabilizing activities in the area of former Yugoslavia (which are known to analysts, but not to the public), and the subject that is now trying to force it is the abnormal Renzi Government, which favours the economic and social destabilisation of Italy as well as interfering dangerously with the crisis area of the Middle East (LINK).

At the time when the alliances and economies of the West were consolidated by the Cold War, the corruptions and unfaithfulness of Italian politicians were tolerated as long as they would not constitute strategic risks. But the deregulation that followed allowed such corruption and unfaithfulness to increase well beyond those limits, and the fraud on the international Free Port of the Free Territory of Trieste, at the expenses of all other States, is the clear evidence of it (LINK).

© 26 Maggio 2016

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